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Welcome to Georgetown Towing

The staff at Georgetown Towing knows that feeling you get when your car breaks down far from home. It’s not fun, but we will solve it with some patience and understanding. We have you covered with affordable rates and friendly service. We’re proud that we handle all sorts of life’s unexpected issues so customers can depend upon their vehicles when needed most – even if it means getting help from us far away in central Kentucky (or not too far).

When you need roadside assistance, find a reputable company in your area. Georgetown Towing belongs on anyone’s list when vehicle troubles arise. Our drivers unlock car doors, change flat tires, jump-start dead batteries, and recover/tow vehicles with the utmost safety and professionalism.

Hours of Operation

About Georgetown Towing

Georgetown Towing proudly offers you the highest quality services from a fleet of well-trained mechanics and tow truck drivers. Our work ethic is unmatched, our prices are competitive, and we will always put you first. We are fast and efficient, striving to ensure your vehicle is as reliable as the day you got it. You deserve to feel safe and secure whenever you get into your car. When the unexpected happens, you shouldn’t have to panic; you deserve us! We are ready and willing to help you get back on schedule as quickly, conveniently, and affordably as possible.

Why Choose Georgetown Towing?

Fair Prices

We pride ourselves on providing fair and competitive prices for all our services that you can rely on in an emergency.

Quality Workmanship

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

Experienced Technicians

Our experienced professional technicians are passionate about their work providing top-notch services to assist you.

Reliable Service

We have years of local knowledge and skills dedicated to providing reliable towing and roadside assistance with the best experience.

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