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Battery Services: Jumping A Car

A vehicle needing a jump start is stressful and tends to happen at the worst time. But with Georgetown Towing’s Battery Jumping service, you will be back on the road in no time.

Jump starting a car sounds easy, but that isn’t always the case. Modern cars have delicate electronic components that are easily damaged from improper voltage or sudden spikes in power. It is important to remember that problems may occur if you don’t handle these electronics with care. It pays off to invest in a trusted roadside service company like Georgetown Towing that will ensure no parts get fried when dealing with a dead battery. We take extra precautions with every service we offer so you are on your way quickly and safely.

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Avoid These Mistakes When Jump Starting Your Vehicle

If you cannot wait for a roadside service company and need to take matters into your own hands, avoid the following mistakes that lead to big problems.

Using Bare Hands

You may not know it, but battery acid and jumper cables are two things you should never handle without gloves. The substance can cause painful injuries if gotten into contact with skin or eyes!

It’s also important to keep an extra pair of these items on hand so they’re waiting when needed at home—remember that having spare pairs around isn’t always enough; sometimes accidents happen out of nowhere, which means there’ll be no time for washing your hands before helping others fix their car problems too (eek!).

Jump Starting a Frozen or Damaged Battery

Never jump-start a damaged battery. Replace the battery if it appears cracked or frozen. Call a towing company for roadside assistance if you don’t have access to a new battery. Jumping a car battery could be very dangerous. You don’t want to hurt yourself or damage your vehicle, do you? Plus, it presents a risk of explosion. Never take the chance jump starting a damaged battery. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Mixing Up Jumper Cables

Make sure you connect the jumper cables to the correct terminals on both batteries. Mistakes like accidentally switching their positions can cause a surge in electric current, resulting in a battery explosion or other types of damage.

Georgetown Towing Committed to Excellence

A dead battery on your vehicle will ruin your plans and your day. Call Georgetown Towing if your vehicle’s battery needs a jump start. You’ll be back on the road as quickly as possible. We will jump start your car quickly and easily, no matter if you’re at home, at the office, running errands, or on the side of the road. 

Our experienced technicians are here, ready to help when needed. Schedule delays because of a dead battery are stressful, and that’s why speed and safety are our main focus. With Georgetown Towing on your side, you’ll be on your way in short order!